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Why Dog Pram is a Must-Have Accessory for Your pet?

Why Dog Pram is a Must-Have Accessory for Your pet?

A dog pram for sale probably is one of the essential dog accessories that every dog owner should possess. It is an excellent alternative to the zipper carriages, which are hard to open. A dog stroller allows your furry friend to roll around the town, visit the nearest park, or even grocery store in style. It makes the trips to the vets relatively easy. It meets the special needs of your canine friend, which you may not be able to cater to. It renders comfort to your pet, alleviates stress & calms it down by creating a buffer zone when you visit the vet & hit new roads.

Gladly, the market offers an extensive range of dog prams for sale offline & online to choose from. These pet strollers vary based on size, colour, design, pattern & purpose.

 A double dog pram can be used by people who own two small dogs or a cat & a dog. A double pram for pets can accommodate two pets & makes your double-duty easy & hassle-free - wherever you are headed to.

Besides dog pram, the market offers many functional dog accessories that ensure safety, peace & comfort for your beloved pet.

Enhanced Mobility for Senior or Injured Dogs

  • Support for ageing dogs: Senior dogs or injured dogs often face difficulty in mobility. They need support like an infant to walk around or move. Hence, if you have a senior dog or an injured dog, get a dog pram for them. It will make moving around easier with your dog.
  • Recovery aid for injured dogs: If your dog is in the recovery process after a huge injury, a dog pram will be necessary to aid their recovery. Injured pets are often restricted with movement to ensure full healing, so dog strollers come in handy. Especially a dog stroller for large dogs because they are not small enough to be carried with hands for more distances. Even for a vet visit.

Protection from Environmental Factors

  • Weather protection: A dog pram protects against harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s rain, snow, or extreme heat, the pram protects your pet from these elements, which ensures they stay dry and cool, and of course comfortable during their outings.
  • Protection from external threats: Dog prams provide safety and act as a secure environment for your pets. They protect pets from aggressive animals and bad terrain which can possibly injure them, adding to security while taking them outside for a walk.

Convenience for Small or Toy Breed Dogs

  • Size compatibility: Dog prams cater specifically to the needs of small-sized dogs. These breeds struggle to keep up on long walks with us, and a pram allows them to rest and enjoy the scenery without getting exhausted. But you can always get a dog stroller for large dogs which is compatible with their size.
  • Comfortable transportation: Dog prams are designed for smaller dogs to feel comfortable and safe with features like padded interiors and harnesses to keep them in place. These ensure your dog enjoys a smooth and comfortable ride.

Stress-Free Outings for Anxious Dogs

  • Anxiety reduction: For anxious dogs, a dog pram provides a familiar and safe space. This can highly reduce stress and anxiety during walks, making trips more enjoyable for both you and your pet.
  • Gradual exposure: A dog pram can be used as a tool to gradually expose anxious dogs to newer environments and amazing experiences. It allows them to observe and adapt at their own pace, reducing fear and anxiety.

Practicality for Multi-Pet Families

  • Simultaneous transportation: For pet owners with multiple dogs, a dog pram offers the convenience of simultaneous transportation. This allows all pets to got to outings together, saving you the trouble of having to manage multiple pets on leashes.
  • Management of different energy levels: A pram can help manage the energy levels of different dogs. If one dog gets tired while the other is still energetic, they can rest in the pram while taking turns, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable outing for all.

Explore Additional Accessories for Your Pet

1).  Ibiyaya double decker pet bus

Designed specifically for a multi-pet family, this double dog pram makes outings to nearby parks & road trips more convenient & comfortable. It provides individual private rooms to your pets with its spacious two-compartment sections. Having a separate space makes your pet feel secure & sheltered.


Double pet stroller


The ibiyaya double decker pet bus can be used while visiting the vet to alleviate your pet’s anxiety & keep him off the clinic floor, which may be infected.


  • It makes transporting the pets easier & hassle-free
  • Renders privacy to both of your pets
  • Zippered meshed windows ensure proper ventilation
  • Rear brakes for enhanced security
  • Swivel wheels for easy navigation
  • Collapsible, makes storing easy
  • Includes a safety leash, a pad inside the cabin (Inner Cushion)
  • Large Zippered Pouch for storing essential items such as phones, treats, & water bottles

If you are looking forward to buy pet stroller in Australia, you can browse through an extensive range from the comfort of your home on the EasyMart website.

2). Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

This innovative dog puzzle is an incredible boredom buster for your beloved pooch. It challenges & keeps your dog occupied to unlock tasty treats hidden in the compartments.


Nina Ottosson Dog Twister


The Nina Ottosson Dog Twister is fun for all dogs, regardless of age, size, and breed. It is suitable for highly active dogs who keep running up & down the house most of the time. It promotes mental stimulation & maximizes your pet’s playtime while exercising their mind & body.


  • It Keeps your dog occupied & eradicates boredom
  • Reduces destructive behaviour by letting your dog exercise his mind
  • Promotes mental stimulation
  • Can be carried to the nearest park, outings & campaigns
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages & sizes

3). Wooden Dog Kennel

The wooden dog kennel renders a cozy & private place for your pet to lie down, sleep, relax & unwind. Crafted from fir wood, this dog kennel house can easily accommodate canines of a bigger size. It is resistant to harshest weather conditions & UV balanced out.

wooden dog kennel


  • Vents in the front & back of this dog kennel ensure proper ventilation & clean air-flow
  • Has weather-resistant design & UV-resistant asphalt roof
  • The raised floor keeps the ticks & insects at bay from your pet
  • The rooftop can be opened if needed
  • Easily accommodate large-breed dogs

Why Buy a Pet Wagon/Dog Stroller for Your Pet?

Pet Wagon are preferred over standard leashes & zippered carriers because of the myriad of benefits they render to the pets & users.

Let us have a look at some enthralling benefits of this functional dog accessory:

  1. It provides an instant buffer zone for your beloved pet & minimizes confrontations with strangers & other pets on the way to the nearby park, the vets & while you hit new roads.
  2. It renders the privacy your pet requires when you attend big events, festivals, house parties & pot lucks.
  3. It enables your elderly, wounded, or sick pet to cherish the fresh air & beautiful views of the nearby park without risking any potential injury.
  4. It enables you to take a stroll along with your older furry friend who cannot walk as it used to before. Also, you get to cherish longer walks without worrying about your pet’s health.
  5. It provides a relaxed & delightful environment to your pet during visits to the vet, family, or friends. It makes travel easier than ever.

You can shop for dog toys & pet strollers in Australia easily by visiting EasyMart, the renowned web store. Check out its extensive collection online today.

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