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Flexi Lounge

  • Corner Lounge

    Corner Lounge

    or 4 interest-free payments of $570.50 with

    DESCRIPTION Enhance the cosmo style of living with this lounge sofa suitable for the living space of your home, the reception area of your office, ...

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  • Stretch Lounge

    Stretch Lounge

    or 4 interest-free payments of $396.75 with

    DESCRIPTION It is the dream of every person existing on earth to create a good living space that lets you feel like a king. But most of the people ...

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  • Flexi Island Lounge

    Flexi Island Lounge

    or 4 interest-free payments of $617.75 with

    DESCRIPTION This island sofa has a luxurious mid-century style, a simple figure, and slim tapered legs which suit your space. This couch in the mid...

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  • Flexi Lounge Triple Seat

    Flexi Lounge Triple Seat

    or 4 interest-free payments of $285.25 with

    DESCRIPTION Everyone wants to decorate their place and make it a center of attraction. Therefore, we brought you this fabulous 3 seater lounge in f...

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  • Flexi Lounge Single Seat

    Flexi Lounge Single Seat

    or 4 interest-free payments of $156.50 with

    DESCRIPTION If you are looking to revamp the interiors of your living room then this sofa single chair is a must with 4 different exquisite colors....

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Buy lounges & sofas online to spruce up your interiors

Every homemaker desire to enhance the beauty of home interiors elegantly. And adding a modern lounge sofa is an ideal way to style up the home decor incredibly. When you shop for lounges & sofas, the first thing that you might consider is an attractive design. A stylish 3 seater large modular lounge is enough to transform the casual interiors of your home into an alluring one with elegance.

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If you are planning to enhance the look of all the dull corners of your room, you can find numerous fascinating corner lounge suites for sale at EasyMart. It is the most reputed online store in Australia with a large collection of modern lounge suites. You can find sofas and couches of all sizes, shapes, designs & patterns at EasyMart, perfectly suitable for your space and seating requirements. 

Best modern lounge suites & Sofas at the Best Value Prices in Australia

Lounge & Sofas are an integral element of the living room. These classic pieces of furniture can become the centre of attraction for your home. With their various designs & patterns, they can reflect your personality at its best. Over the years, lounges have undergone a remarkable transformation & they keep evolving as per customers’ preferences.

Gladly, you can bring home your choice of modern lounge suite from EasyMart at the best value prices.

EasyMart is a reliable web store that offers the best & in-trend corner lounge suites for sale online in Australia. It has a vast array of happy & satisfied customers who rely upon EasyMart for their furniture needs for homes, offices, corporates, cafes, restaurants & bars.

If you are planning to invest in the latest designs of lounges & sofas, you are at the right destination. You can get functional, durable & quality lounge furniture at the best price guaranteed in Australia. Visit the product page to find the best fit for your office or living room.

Tips to consider before choosing the right lounge sofa

When it comes to selecting a lounge sofa, you can find plenty of options available online & offline. While you can find offline stores brimming with a myriad of shapes & styles of lounges, web stores can be seen overflowing with endless images of modern lounge suites. Such an overwhelming choice can leave anyone muddle-headed.

However, considering a few important tips before purchasing can help you select the best lounge couch for your home interiors or office. The things you must consider before buying corner lounge suites are:

  • Consider the space before buying: Determining the living room space where you intend to place the lounge is important. This will help you find out how much space will be left for convenient movement around the sofa & other furniture.
  • Choose a sofa with a sturdy frame: No one wants to invest in a sofa frame that is fragile as it calls for replacement after a few months. Ensure the good quality of the frame such as a hardwood frame as it would last for years.
  • Consider the sofa orientation & shape: Think about your lifestyle activities to determine the correct orientation of your new lounge. Ensure your couch faces the TV. Create a semi-circle for the game & wine nights or surround the lounge with chairs & cushions to arrange multiple seats.

While an L-shaped sofa is ideal for bigger spaces, a round lounge is conducive for small spaces.

  • Ensure to look at its frame joinery: To ensure durability & longevity, check the frame joinery. This will help you ensure you are investing in a good quality black leather chaise lounge.
  • Check the cushions: What’s on the sofa is equally important to what’s inside a sofa lounge. Ensure that sofa seats & back are filled with comfortable & feather-filled cushions. At the end of the day, it’s the comfort that counts.
  • Get an idea about its upholstery material: While the appearance of the lounge sofas matters, the functionality of the same cannot be overlooked. Go for upholstery material that is resistant to wear and easy to clean & maintain. One of the popular choices includes sunbrella fabric, which resists water & stains and doesn’t fade easily.

A 3-seater large modular lounge is a great way to transform your home interiors feel and give it a personal touch. You can express your taste & personality by choosing the right sofa for interiors. If you look for amazing sofa designs, visit the website of EasyMart. With a unique collection of lounge couches made in premium-quality upholstery, you can easily select the best lounge sofa to spice up your home décor.

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