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Buy the best sit-stand desk or height-adjustable desk online in Australia

Are you looking for a sit-stand desk or adjustable-height desk in Australia for your workplace or home office? You have landed in the right place. EasyMart offers various sit-stand desks, such as an adjustable sit-stand desk, a portable sit-stand desk, or a corner-stand desk for you and your staff. It is the best web store in Australia that provides a wide range of sit-stand desks. We deliver items in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and many other urban and rural locations.

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All our products are popular for their strength and high-quality designs. Besides, they are reasonable. So, we have many happy and satisfied customers. They always visit us again and again for their furniture needs.

Check our collection today if you need any office furniture. Whether you need an electric sit-stand desk or a manual height adjustable desk, you can buy it from us. Our customer support executives will help you place the order.

The growing demand for standing desks

Nowadays, many offices prefer buying adjustable sit-and-stand desks. It can improve the health and convenience of their employees. These standing desks can significantly lower the heart disease risk, obesity, neck pain, backache & shoulder stiffness.

Studies reveal that the main reason for health issues among employees is their long hours of continuous sitting. On the other hand, a folding sit-stand desk, electric sit-stand desk, manual sit-stand desk, or corner sit-and-stand desk raises your system to a comfortable height. It allows you to stand & work efficiently throughout the day. Besides, you can keep your feet flat on the ground, which promotes the right posture. In addition to that, it allows an easy transition between standing & sitting at your convenience.

The Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

The height adjustable sit-stand desks provide many benefits to their users. A large number of companies worldwide have changed their office desks to sit-stand desks.

Let us check at some advantages of using electric or manual height adjustable desks:

  • Studies have shown that standing posture can burn up to 88 calories in an hour compared to sitting posture, which burns 80 calories.
  • Sitting for many hours can develop postural issues. It can cause lower backache and shoulder stiffness. On the other hand, standing desks can reduce such problems if you change your position at times.  
  • Adjustable height desks are very useful for every office. It can increase the daily productivity of employees by 45%. Since these desks allow an easy transition from sitting to standing. In addition to that, they keep employees comfortable and focused on their job. 
  • Buy an electric height adjustable desk for your office. It can add a professional touch to your workplace. Besides, it also creates a productive and pleasant work environment. 

Purchasing a functional sit-stand desk in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Sydney is now a breeze with EasyMart. All you need to do is simply select a suitable piece & place the order. We will ensure delivering it to your place on time. In case of queries, you may reach out to us via call or email.

Tips to consider before buying sit-stand desks

Make sure to change your sitting positions when you are in the office. It helps you to avoid many health issues like back pain and shoulder pain. Sitting or standing continuously for hours is not good. It can leave you tired, and decrease your productivity. 

Choosing the right sit-stand desk in Australia is the best way to improve your work performance. Buy a stand-up desk in Perth if you want to work comfortably.

Some of the aspects that you consider before buying a manual sit-and-stand desk are:

  •     Check the height & depth of the desk.
  •     Avoid noisy desks as this can leave you distracted while you work.
  •     Ensure the desk size offers ease of movement around it
  •     Check for desk weight restrictions
  •     Check the desk for functionality

Why Buy Sit-Stand Desks from EasyMart?

Finding the best sit-stand desk in Australia will not be a problem if you buy it from EasyMart. With a wide range of comfortable and affordable office furniture, they deliver their products anywhere in Australia. If you are looking for a sit-stand desk in Melbourne or a sit-stand desk in Perth, you can find them at this online store at the best rates.

Some of our study desks include an corner desk, computer desk, drawing desk, a corner metal pull-out study table, and a metal table. You can find a study desk with us at a reasonable price, whatever your furniture needs.


What are the benefits of standing desks?

Standing desks promote better posture, more movement, increased energy and focus, and reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, and back/neck pain compared to sitting for long periods. They boost metabolism, and circulation and can lead to more productivity.

Are height-adjustable desks good for you?

Yes, the ability to transition between sitting and standing is healthy to break up sedentary time. This supports wellness along with the ergonomic and productivity perks of stand-up desks. Just remember to start slow when first using to allow your body to adapt.

Can you sit at an adjustable standing desk?

Of course. A height-adjustable standing desk functions similarly to a magic multitasker. You can stand when you're feeling energetic and sit when you need to be comfortable. It all boils down to staying comfortable and productive. You can alter the height of these workstations to suit your requirements and mood. Sitting provides a relaxing rest while standing improves vitality and concentration. It's like having a danceable desk. An adjustable standing desk has your back (and legs!). It doesn't matter whether you want to fly like a superhero or relax like a pro. With the capacity to stand or sit, it's the ideal work companion, allowing you to personalize your workspace to fit your style.

Is it worth buying a sit-stand desk?

A standing desk has electric or mechanical controls that make it simple to go from a seated to a standing posture. It is not simply a style statement; it is a concept that revolves around ease at work. Most workers who switch up their posture at work because of a height-adaptable desk report feeling more awake and in better physical form. According to research, sitting for a period exceeding eight hours every day can seriously harm one's health. Standing has the advantage of requiring less effort from your muscles since it is significantly simpler to maintain your spine in its natural posture when standing as opposed to sitting.

Do you offer different finishes or colors for the sit-stand desks?

Of course! EasyMart takes pride in providing a wide selection of colors and finishes for our sit-stand desks to match your aesthetic choices and workstation. EasyMart provides a variety of sit-stand desks that may be customized to suit your needs. These desks offer ergonomic advantages and a stylish touch to your workstation.

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