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Workstation Screens

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You need a proper working environment in your office so you can focus on your work and please your boss. These workstations provide you with the solution they provide you the privacy you need, these workstations have a 1650 mm high screen so no one can interfere in your privacy but if you want better communication with your colleagues around you. You can select a screen of 1250 mm in height. These workstations are made up of special soundproof material, so you have a calm environment inside your workstation. This workstation is a low-cost solution for a professional-looking office cabin. This product is lightweight and easy to assemble so you can set up your office easily without hiring labor to set it up. You can also choose a 4-leg system for your screen. The most amazing feature about this workstation screen is that they have got cable holes for wire management now you don’t have to worry about the wiring connected to your pc. Another plus point of buying this product is that it comes with the full range of hanging accessories, you can just hang your keys, cards and other things, you can also connect a file holder with it and put your useful documents in it. You can also use these workstation screens other than office use. You can use these to prepare separate study corners or these can be used in school exams.


  • Soundproof
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Separate cable holes for wires.
  • Slim screen.
  • Screens with hanging accessories.
  • Different options are available for screen height.


Height Depth Width
1250mm 30mm 750mm
1250mm 30mm 1200mm
1250mm 30mm 1500mm
1250mm 30mm 1800mm
1650mm 30mm 750mm
1650mm 30mm 1200mm
1650mm 30mm 1500mm
1650mm 30mm 1800mm


Box Dimensions

Box Number
 Width  Depth  Height Weight
790mm 50mm 1280mm 15kg
SC1212 0.08 1240mm 50mm 1280mm 25kg
SC1512 0.10 1540mm 50mm 1280mm 31kg
SC1812 0.12 1840mm
50mm 1280mm 37kg
SC716 0.07 790mm 50mm 1680mm 20kg
SC1216 0.10 1240mm 50mm 1680mm 33kg
SC1516 0.13 1540mm 50mm 1680mm 41kg
SC1816 0.15 1840mm 50mm 1680mm 49kg
SC12 POLE 0.00 50mm 1300mm 50mm 2kg
SC16 POLE 0.00 50mm 1710mm 50mm 2kg

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