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Morgan Balance Air Pad

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Are you wishing to get a safe to use and versatile core training tool? If yes, we have got something very interesting for you. So, here is a balanced air pad that helps the development of the core muscles and improves the balance and the posture of the body. These balance mats isolate some of the specific core muscles of the body and strengthen them. One can use these balance mats while standing, sitting, kneeling, or lying down. Also, you can perform lunges or squats over these sports pads to strengthen your body perfectly. Therefore, this balance equipment is very essential to have if you want the rehabilitation of your joints, ligaments, or muscles. The disc of this padding sport has a diameter of 33.5cm. The build quality of this padding sport is also very brilliant as it is manufactured from soft pliable PVC. Hence, it has very high longevity, and also it is very easy to clean these sports pads. Therefore, get these balance pads now which can be reinflated using a pump easily.


  • It is very helpful for the development of core muscles without any injury
  •  These pads provide good body posture and balance
  •  It is a versatile and safe core training tool that strengthens some of the specific muscles by isolating them
  • Can be used while standing, sitting, kneeling, laying down, and in tandem with exercise equipment such as balls and resistance cables
  •  One can perform squats or lunges on it to improve the balance of the body and the development of some specific muscles
  •  It can also be used for the rehabilitation of some of the ligaments, muscles, and joints


  • It is manufactured from high quality and soft pliable PVC
  •  Disc of this balance equipment has a diameter of 33.5cm
  •  It can be easily wiped down after the usage
  •  This equipment can be re-inflated suning a standard pump and pump adapter

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