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Steel Frame Table

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Color: Natural Oak


The dual featured Steel Frame Table is a perfect match for you. This versatile table is all you need whether for both officials as well as kitchen purposes. This wide table is what you can expect best for the official uses as it provides a lot of space for the staff to take advantage of by placing a lot of stuff on it, also, it can be found very helpful in the kitchen.  


  • Size: This office table comes up in four sizes providing a variety of options for you, also you can take benefit by using it for kitchen purposes.
  • Colors: This amazing office table steel frame provides the options of five colors so you could buy the table that suits your choice the most.
  • Warranty: The office table steel frame is made with high-quality materials so they could stay for many years. Also, the company provides a 3-year warranty so you could use it without any worries.
  • Adjustable feet: The table’s structure also provides space good enough to eliminate problems while taking a seat.


Top Length Top Width Height
1200mm 600mm 730mm
1500mm 750mm 730mm
1800mm 750mm 730mm
1800mm 900mm 730mm


Box Number Width Depth Height CBM Weight
SFT126 Box 1/3 650mm 1260mm 40mm 0.03 15kg
SFT126 Box 2/3 620mm 780mm 140mm 0.07 7kg
SFT126 Box 3/3 50mm 1120mm 50mm 0.01 2kg
SFT1575 Box 1/3 810mm 1560mm 40mm 0.05 22kg
SFT1575 Box 2/3 770mm 770mm 140mm 0.08 8kg
SFT1575 Box 3/3 50mm 1420mm 50mm 0.01 2.5kg
SFT1875 Box 1/3 810mm 1860mm 40mm 0.06 28kg
SFT1875 Box 2/3 770mm 770mm 140mm 0.08 9kg
SFT1875 Box 3/3 50mm 1730mm 50mm 0.01 3kg
SFT189 Box 1/3 960mm 1860mm 40mm 0.07 32kg
SFT189 Box 2/3 140mm 930mm 770mm 0.1 9kg
SFT189 Box 3/3 50mm 1720mm 50mm 0.01 3kg

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