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Ergonomic office chairs

Important characteristics for buying Ergonomic office chairs

Chairs play a key role in the work culture of most companies. Ergonomic office chairs not only save space but also offer the ultimate comfort to users. A wide range of features of these chairs makes it possible. But do you know you can adjust your height as well as the position of your arms while being seated? Height adjustment is a feature that gives good value for money to users who invest in a chair longing for comfort and good posture.

The armrests are another component of such chairs that proves to be the most useful for employees. Interestingly, they exist in different shapes and sizes. This feature is a benchmark that can be used to classify chairs into different categories. 

Besides, casters also help ensure the proper distribution of the weight of users in conjunction with wheels. The easy movement along with the easy distribution of body weight add up to make each office chair with casters a valuable asset to companies. 

Together, they play a decisive role in boosting the productivity of employees who work in offices with sitting jobs. Read on to learn more about the classification of these chairs based on their height adjustment options, armrests, and casters. 

Top 4 Height Adjustment Options in Chairs

With their height adjustment options, ergonomic computer chairs benefit users in many ways. Aside from creating a conducive working environment for a company, they also help boost the productivity of its employees. The overwhelming amount of information about these chairs available on the Internet can be confusing to everyone.

ergonomic chair

If you wish to understand the important height adjustment options of a chair to ensure your overall health and well-being, you’ve come to the right place where you can learn more about it. Here are the top adjustment options you can expect: 

1. Adjustable seat height

This is one of the most important functionalities of an ergonomic chair. Usually, the height of a chair should be either slightly higher or lesser than your original height. If your height ranges between 5 feet and 6 feet and 4 inches, an adjustable height ranging between 15 and 22 inches will be ideal for you. 

Just like other chairs, they also have a wide range of heights. Before buying these chairs, you must consider your height. You can use your chair for a long time without any discomfort if you buy a chair based on your height.

2. Adjustable lumbar support

Adjustable lumbar support is a key feature of an office chair. It supports depth as well as vertical adjustments. To buy a seating beauty with the right adjustable lumbar support, consider buying a unit that is in line with your height. Look for the one with fixed support to suit your needs in the best possible manner.

The hallmark feature of adjustable lumbar support is that it consists of manual adjustment. This feature allows you to manually adjust the controls of lumbar support at various levels. The number of levels may vary from one chair to the other. Largely, the number of controls of a chair depends on the type of chair you buy. Nowadays, almost all office chairs are equipped with the feature of adjustable lumbar support.

3. Adjustable arms

Optimum comfort can make a big difference to your productivity as well as the productivity of your employees. It comes from adjustable arms, which help adjust both the width and height of the arms of the chair. The beauty of adjustable arms is that it supports flexibility. Due to this feature, it is suitable for offices where many employees operate simultaneously. Other than different work environments, it also accommodates multiple body sizes and shapes.

If you wish to buy chairs based on this feature, make certain that you invest in a unit that touches the bottom of your arm without giving you any feeling of strain. An ideal unit with adjustable arms does not impede the movement of your elbow. By investing in a unit with a pivoting arm, you can perform tasks like typing and writing without any difficulty.

4. Tilt controls

If you have a habit of moving forward, you would ideally want a chair that also moves forward with you. You can get this setting on an office chair with the best tilt controls. These controls help in reclining well, which promotes the element of comfort whenever users sit on a chair with tilt controls.

Given the deep penetration of computers, running them is quite common in most offices these days. This explains why most companies show a keen interest in investing in office chairs and tables. With tilt controls, you can do smooth keyboarding while being seated. Also, these controls make it ideal for reading activities, attending phone calls, and other office activities.

Distinct Variants of Armrests of Office Chairs

There’s a good reason why users attach importance to the armrests of office chairs. Standard chairs put a lot of pressure on the buttocks, which results in pain in this region. Armrests help reduce or minimize pressure on the buttocks when you sit. Due to it, you can sit for long hours on these comfortable computer desk chairs without any feeling of discomfort. 

This way, armrests minimize the possibility of developing neck pain. At the same time, they also eliminate the chances of getting back pain due to sitting for long hours. Depending on the types of armrests, you can classify the chairs into the below-mentioned categories.

1. Fixed armrest

From the standpoint of adjustability, a height-adjustable chair with a fixed armrest offers non-adjustable support to users. Because these chairs are not used for intensive purposes, and companies use chairs on which their employees can sit comfortably, you may not see them in most offices.

2. 2D, 3D, and 4D armrests

Whenever you think of 2D or 3D, you generally think of movies. Interestingly, armrests also exist in such forms. In these options, “D” indicates regulation or dimension. These armrests have the following characteristics:

  • Pad translation
  • Pad rotation
  • Width adjustment

Chair scope, as well as an individual’s physical characteristics of individuals, may differ in different cases. However, no matter your physical characteristics or the scope of your chair, you can make height adjustments while remaining seated with the above options.

If you have narrow or wide shoulders, you can think about adjusting the width of the armrest of your chair to place your arm in the right position. Likewise, you can consider putting the elbow on the armrest while using the keyboard to work for long hours without feeling any discomfort. 

3. Height adjustable armrest

The hallmark feature of this type of armrest is its height-adjustable option. This feature comes in handy, regardless of whether you use it or not. The major advantage of this type of armrest is that you can adjust its position whenever you feel the need for it. It allows you to adjust the position of your arm.

You can adjust the position of a height-adjustable armrest of a chair in many ways. The most popular one among them is to press the dedicated button of an armrest. When you press its button, its pad becomes height-adjustable. 

You can raise it to a height with which you are comfortable. Once you get your desired height, you can press the button again to lock the pad of the armrest of your chair at that specific height.

If you are not sure about the right height, especially when doing it for the first time, you can experiment by raising the armrest at different heights. 

Some chairs with height-adjustable armrests do not have a dedicated button for height adjustment. Still, you can adjust its pad to your preferred height by following the right technique. All you need to do is raise the pad to a height with which you are comfortable.

4. 5D armrest

Known for 5 dimensions, these armrests have the support of an asymmetrical pad that can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. The asymmetrical pad works well in conjunction with the five dimensions to provide unmatched support for maximum comfort. 

Chairs with 5D armrests are ideal for those who need to work in office for several hours. Due to the support offered by the asymmetrical pad of these chairs, you can overcome fatigue and work longer than you can with standard chairs.

Chair Casters & Tips to Choose Them

Wheels and casters are the other two vital components that need to be considered while buying a chair. They facilitate the smooth movement of chairs for the convenience of users. For this reason, most height-adjustment chairs have both of these components. But because they exist in different shapes and sizes, you may need to do some thinking to decide the right combination for your needs. 

If you have been wondering how to choose the Best ergonomic office chair in Australia based on its wheels and casters for a long time, you have come to the right place to find an answer to it in this post.

Top considerations for choosing the right casters

The weight of an office furniture unit reflects its usefulness. In addition, there are also other features that indicate if a unit will provide good value for money. Bearing a few things in mind is essential while buying them, although their chair wheels are universal. These include the following:

  • Strength: Chairs with fragile caster wheels can break easily. If a chair breaks suddenly when you sit on it, you may suffer a serious injury. You can prevent your chair from warping by investing in a strong unit. This wise step will help you ensure both safety and comfort.
  • Durability: Casters of different chairs have distinct levels of durability. While a lot depends on its strength, the way you handle it will also play a role in determining the duration for which it will last. Investing in durable casters is the surefire way of buying a long-lasting unit.
  • Comfort: Working on a computer system installed on a computer table for long hours can be a challenging task. A chair of suitable height and strength can help you overcome it. As casters provide support to the lower part of a computer table, it is essential to buy a unit that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Ease of rotation: One of the common issues with office chairs is that they turn into simulators without saving energy. You would ideally want to buy a unit that rotates without any issues to save energy. You can buy such a unit by focusing on the caster.
  • Aesthetic pleasure: The aesthetics of casters and wheelers are comparable with that of stylized car rims, provided you get them right. After choosing the right unit, you can style it in your own way. 

Top 3 Ergonomic chairs to buy for your office

Want to avail all the features mentioned above for a comfy seating posture at the office? Checkout these chairs that are worth your purchase:

Rapidline Fully Ergonomic Executive Chair With High Back And Adjustable Arms

Rapidline Fully Ergonomic Executive Chair

For people who work non-stop for eight hours, this chair is worth your purchase as it allows comfortable seating and is fully equipped with ergonomic features. The cushioned seating along with padded backrest and comfy armrest are add-ons to experience luxe vibes while you work. The chair also equips high quality castor wheels that allow easy mobility to the employees and is available in a dashing black color to hike the aesthetics of your office.

Ergonomic Mesh PU Leather Executive Office Chair

Moving ahead in the same line, this ergonomic chair is another variant that is mostly purchased for offices and home offices. Styled up as per the current trends, this chair stands second to none talking in terms of comfort and design.

PU Leather Executive Office Chair

The PU calfskin seating of the chair showcases its quality and lets you sit back in comfort for long meetings and other office work. Also, it equips nylon castor wheels to let you wheel around without taking the pains of getting up from your chair for passing files and other simple chores.

Rapidline Motion Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Rapidline Motion Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Another elegant chair option that you would love to introduce in your office to accomplish office goals is this motion mesh chair with upholstered fabric seating. It deploys a weight sensitive mechanism with six seat sliding positions coupled with a concealed lumbar cushion for additional comfort. If you are looking for a medium back task chair, then this chair is surely worth a purchase.


The way you adjust your arms while working on a computer system influences your health and well-being. Due to this reason, it is crucial to choose a chair with the right kind of armrests, height adjustment options, and other features. As such, you would like to choose the best option within your budget. You could consider following the above guide for making an informed choice by focusing on the above controls.

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