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2x Adjustable Nylon Handles

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Product Description

These customizable handles are the ideal embellishment for your home link rec center, or some other weight machine with selectorized weight tracks.
The handles are flexible with 4D molded metal rings that are 5mm in measurement, permitting the carabiner cuts found toward the finish of most machine links to be put by inclination.
The handles are 140mm In length and 38mm in width, adequately thick to keep up their construction under the strain of outrageous weight and sufficiently wide to oblige even the biggest hands.
The handles are additionally planned ergonomically, for greatest solace.
The sturdy nylon webbing is 340mm long and 30mm in width, taking into account various applications.
These handles can be utilized on wilderness rec centers, link hybrid machines, widespread weight machines and numerous other link exercise center choices.
These are the ideal decision for performing lat pulls, hybrid flys, deltoid raises and pretty much some other pulling exercise possible.

      Package Content

      • 1 x 2x Adjustable Nylon Handles

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