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Foam Roller - Yoga/Pilates

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Product Description

The advantage of utilizing a froth roller during work-out meetings is being advanced by numerous wellbeing experts. Our Commercial Deep Tissue Foam Roller isn't your regular froth roller. This item makes your preparation time more viable in light of the fact that it permits you to accomplish your objectives in less time. It is notable among wellness specialists that the froth roller is a fundamental apparatus for Pilates, and for center, stomach muscle and back adjustment just as for general fortifying. The froth roller has demonstrated compelling in equilibrium preparing for sports just as for active recuperation. The rollers additionally twofold as self-knead instruments for the upper and lower back and the calf, hamstring, glutes and quads. IT (iliotibial) band condition is reduced with froth roller exercises. The froth rollers are suggested for both transitional and progressed clients for balance preparing and in expertly regulated preparing because of the test they present with their full round plan. You will see extraordinary enhancements in a brief timeframe utilizing this froth roller. It is ideal for both warm-up and chill off periods to best delivery myofascial snugness. You will quiet your muscles quicker and forestall spot torments by utilizing your own body weight to apply strain to focused regions and even to your whole back, legs, arms and bum zones


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Dense EVA Foam + Plastic Tube
  • Designed to last
  • Dimensions : 14cm x 33cm (5" x 13")


  • 1 x Foam Roller - Yoga/Pilates

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