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Autumn Sale | Get upto 75% Off | Shop Now

Morgan Black Plastic Bokken - Polypropylene

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The bokken is a famous instrument for all combative techniques weapons preparing. It's a preparation sword made of dark woodgrain-finished polypropylene (PP) plastic making it an ideal fledgling apparatus for rehearsing the specialty of the blade. It weighs 555gr with a rough length of 100cm including a tsuba.

The plan of the Morgan plastic preparation bokken is centered around effortlessness, excellence, and wellbeing, so anybody in the preparation stage, particularly understudies, can deal with it without the gamble of injury. With the plastic preparation bokken, the specialty of the blade is one wonderful exhibition to see!

The Morgan plastic preparation bokken is just utilized as a guide for training and exhibition in Aikido and other blade battle styles in combative techniques.

The bokken is made of high-grade Polypropylene which gives this preparing blade more flexibility and gives than the customary wooden bokken.


  •  Material: Black plastic
  •  Texture: Woodgrain finish
  •  Fixed Tsuba
  •  Total Length: 100cm
  •  Handle Length: 25cm
  •  Weight: 555gr

Please note: the bokken training swords are made of durable plastic that is more flexible than the traditional PVC training sword, so they may bend slightly under high levels of use. If this happens you can fix it by gently bending the weapons back into shape. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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