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Rapidline Workstation Power Ducting

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This Electric wire ducting manages the cables for height-adjustable workstations. This electric Wire Ducting system not only protects the electric wires from the atmospheric and outer damages, but this electric wire ducting system enables the user an ease of freely adjusting the height of the workstation without the hassle of entangled cables yet making it ease of access.

This electric wire ducting is mainly made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This Electric Wire Ducting is flame resistant due to the presence of chlorine which makes this electric wire ducting system fire resistant hence eliminates the risks due to any unforeseen short circuits. This electric ducting system is classified as C2 for flame resistance hence contributes to the intrinsic safety of the workstation. This Electric Wire Ducting is splash-proof and heat retardant.

The electric wire ducting system manages cable from the cable tray to the workstation. This electrical wire ducting in the workstation will help to pass wires cleanly through the top of your desk surface to the underside of the desk. Power strips added to the bottom of the workstation surface can significantly reduce the number of wires running vertically from a power source in the wall or ground. This electric wire ducting system comes with a mounting foot for an under desk mount and a flat plate for cable tray fixing. This Electric Wire Ducting is ideal for easy access to cables for maintenance or service of cables as well as future expansion. Rated for fiber optic and telecommunications cables in general-purpose, plenum, and riser settings.


  • This Electric Wire Ducting manages cables for height-adjustable workstations making working easy and convenient as this Electric Wire Ducting is flexible so it could be adjusted in any way.
  • This electric ducting system comes in 3 link Series,
  • (Namely: Link 20 Series, Link 40 Series, and Link 60 Series)
  • This Electric wire ducting includes Cable Tray to Workstation. Enabling the passage of wires unseen from the power outlet up to the workstation providing a clean and tidy site.
  • They typically include features that allow cables and wires to be easily re-routed and terminated within the enclosure.
  • Includes Mounting Foot for Under Desk Mount and Flat Plate for Cable Tray Fixing.
  • This Electric wire ducting can be customized in terms of conductivity, thickness, abrasion-resistance, and flexibility.
  • This Electric Wire Ducting is resistant to flame making the workstation prone to any sort of wire-based electrical short-circuit.
  • Durable, sunlight resistant, and heat retardant thermoplastic PVC that resists heat, oil, and chemical breakdown.
  • Easy installation and adjustment along with the ability to be cut anywhere when needed.
  • The company ensures a credible backup guarantee of 2 years for this Electric Wire Ducting.

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