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Yamasaki White Martial Arts Belts (With Coloured Stripe)

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Color: White/Yellow


 As soon as the name of Karate comes, the name of Karate belt also comes first on people's tongues. Today we bring you the best quality Yamasaki deluxe white colored strip martial arts karate belts. Seeing this, the enthusiasm of every martial arts student will increase even more. This karate belt is made up of the finest quality material. This karate martial arts belt is used in more than thousands of martial arts schools across Australia. You will be amazed to see the quality of this karate belt and you will get a premium feeling. This white karate belt with color strips is very beneficial for young martial arts artists. These karate belts are the best way of offering promotional graded belts for kids who are young and receive their karate white belts. These karate belts used 100% cotton material and it gives you the winning combination of durability, comfort, function, style. It is because of its excellent quality that all schools in Australia choose our karate belt. These karate belts are heavily stitched for durability and it dyed for superior colors and using a multi-layer inner strapping core makes them more beautiful. We always maintain the quality of our karate belts and ensure that the color does not fade on your uniform. We can claim that you will not find such top-quality karate belts anywhere else in Australia.


  • These Yamasaki white-colored strip martial arts belts are made with 100% cotton material
  • The color of these amazing Yamasaki martial arts belts will not run or fade into uniform
  • These fantastic karate belts are made from the multi-layer inner strapped core material
  • You get international regulations size and standard with these karate belts
  • This martial arts belt is ideal for all types of grading
  • You also get industrial machine-stitched and traditional stiff belt finish on these martial art belts


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