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what is the best chair for computer work

What happens when you use computer chairs that lack basic ergonomics

Most people working in offices need to spend many hours in front of their computer sitting in their office chairs. If they use a non-ergonomic chair in an uncomfortable position, it might add stress to their spine structure and lead to back pain and neck pain. Choosing the computer chair for back support helps many employees to avoid developing several occupational health issues. Get an idea about what is the best chair for computer work before buying a chair for you.

computer chair for back support

An ergonomic computer chair is a necessity

Many people do not know which computer chair is best for their health. If you sit in front of your computer for many hours, investing in an ergonomic computer chair with adjustable arms is not a luxury but a necessity. A comfortable and ergonomic office chair helps you to put your body in a healthy and right position. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, you can find plenty of them. But an ergonomic chair should feature some good features, like adjustable seat height, a seat width of around 17-20 inches, and good seat depth. It must have a backrest, proper lumbar support and is made up of high-quality material.

For maintaining your healthy postures

Your posture might develop by your everyday habits and activities like staring at the computer, sitting in your chair, carrying your purse, and prolonged standing. But many people forget that the poor postures that they developed affect their health badly. It can damage their spinal structures and lead to back and neck pain. Follow a healthy and right posture whether you use a computer chair without armrest or with armrests. Fortunately, you can control most of the habits that lead to bad postures. Using an ergonomic computer chair with lumbar support is an excellent way to improve your posture.

What computer chair should I buy

You might confuse about the right computer chair to buy when it comes to an office chair. The common work-related health issue faced by many people is back pain, and you can avoid it by applying the principles of ergonomics. Your choice of the right chair can reduce your back and neck pain to a great extent. The main aim of following the ergonomic principles is to create a healthy work environment. Some of the factors to consider before buying an ergonomic computer chair for back support are:

computer chair with lumbar support

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Right seat depth and width
  • Proper lumbar support
  • A backrest of 12 to 19 inches wide
  • Comfortable and high-quality seat material with enough padding
  • It must feature adjustable armrests
  • It can easily rotate

Different types of ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are available in different types, and many factors need to be considered to choose the right one for your needs. You can find a computer chair without arms or armrests. They are also available based on the size of people. You can easily find a computer chair for large person or a small person. Some of the popular types of ergonomic computer chairs are:

computer chair for large person

  • Kneeling Ergonomic Chair
  • Saddle Ergonomic Chair
  • Exercise Ball Ergonomic Chair
  • Recliner Chair

Benefits of using ergonomic computer chair

People are curious to know what makes ergonomic chairs so special. It is a type of chair used in offices because of the comfort and benefits that they offer. These chairs have come with several adjustable features. Some of the benefits of using ergonomic chairs than chairs that lack basic ergonomics are:

 computer chair for home

  • They provide proper posture support
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced health problems like back pain and neck pain
  • Reduce hip pressure
  • They come with adjustable features
  • For better blood circulation
  • Low claim rates for worker compensations


For many people, investing in an ergonomic computer chair with a footrest is a luxury. In fact, that helps employees in many ways and helps them to avoid developing many health issues. Many employees who sit in front of their computer desk for prolonged hours in an uncomfortable traditional chair develop various health issues like back pain and shoulder pain. If you plan to buy a computer chair for home, you should know of what is the best computer chair to buy for creating a comfortable work environment. It helps them to maintain good posture and can create a healthy working environment.

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